Best known as The Spiritual Bad Bitch and Queen of Conscious Social Media Content Marketing & Internet Business... I'm a multi-dimensional digital entrepreneur, content creator, spiritual influencer, healer, and self proclaimed Self Made Bad Bitch.

My greatest sense of purpose & fulfillment comes from equipping artists, entrepreneurs, healers, wellness-oriented creative + conscious Bad Bitches with knowledge, in-bodiments, practices, and a wealth of Self Sourced Power that ushers them into radiating a life of spiritual richness, soul expression, confidence, multi-dimensional opulence, and inner (+ outer) Bad Bitch energy & beauty.

Through contemporary multi-layered healing modalities, mind + consciousness transformation, and practical strategy + action, womxn across the Universe tap into the vortex of Spiritual Bad Bitch for five common purposes:

🦋 To continuously heal & be their most high-powered, in-tune self.
🦋 To deepen their connection to Source & have more purpose within their existence.
🦋 To increase their confidence & authentic expression.
🦋 To expand their consciousness & magnetize their aura even more.
🦋 To enhance their personal influence, the impact of their brand + voice, and their business bag (cha ching!).

To me, being a Spiritual Bad Bitch is to to live your best life externally, but internally & spiritually first.

Feeling good & powerful, having strong sense of Self & Soul connection, and having magnetic, <whole> confidence is just as important as outward success.

At the heartbeat of my mission is the intention for women to be, create, and experience a life that reflects their personal version of what it means to be a Spiritual Bad Bitch in the ether and earthside.

Welcome to the world of Spiritual Bad Bitch.