“I was born knowing I am meant for more, and I knew early on that following the crowd would just lead e to be like everyone else… with the same results, and nothing super spectacular to show for it. And anybody who didn't know they were worth more simply hated on me for going after more.” — F.S.

If you’re anything like me, you most likely relate to this:

At home, You were the “black sheep” of your family.

At school, You were the girl who decided to drink water instead of milk during lunch (or hey, maybe you brought your lunch, lmao).

On the underground subway going to work, You were the woman who saw people get off of the train and on to the escalator, but you decided to take the steps.

Some of your old friends & the people from your town who are still on your Facebook friends list… yea, they’re still doing the same thing year after year, but You? You decided to make the world your playground.

Back to that whole “black sheep” thing… people were always curious about because you just had this… unique way about you.

You’ve always been different, and you were born knowing you were meant for so much more than an average life.

You’ve ALWAYS had standards and goals, but have never felt aligned with reaching those standards & goals by compromising your main core value: Freedom, baby.

Over time… after some life experiences, jobs, and realizations… You got f*cking bored with the bullshit.

You said, “LMAO, absolutely not.” ✌️ 

So then, You became the woman who wasn’t too shy to step out on her dreams, pursue her passions, and follow the inner calling for MORE.

You became the woman who used her voice and took up space in ways other people were too timid to.

You’re the type of human, creator, entrepreneur…a BAD B*TCH who doesn't shoot for the stars… but for another freaking galaxy.

And I just want to say… I see you. 👀

This quality about you has always been present to serve you, even when it felt like the world, religion, traditions, and regular-ass-mindsets were against you.

I get you, because same sis.

Let me re-introduce you to how this “black sheep” quality impacted my life’s journey and ultimately led me to creating a respected and brand & business 

I for sure *knew* am meant for more at a very young age when girls would bully me, or just straight up hate me, in grade school when I didn’t even *know* them (some of them even follow me on Instagram now, purr! 😹).

I for sure *knew* am meant for more when albeit experiencing domestic violence issues in a toxic, tumultuous, and unstable home environment (where I felt extremely anxious, unsafe, and unwanted)… I STILL worked hard enough to the 11th grade, and got into a top U.S. University at 17 years old majoring in computer science.

I for sure *knew* am meant for more when I started working full time hours at a federal IT contracting company (while in school, at that) and absolutely could not staaaaand working for someone else for $17.50 an hour.

And I *FOR SURE* knew that I am meant for more when I had the courage to drop out of college, quit my job, go full time in my business and never, ever look back.

Since that moment almost 5 years ago now [as of 12/2022]… so much has happened:

In 2020 thru 2021, I...

🌆 Moved to Los Angeles & rented my own places to live.

🚘 Bought my first luxury vehicle (s/o to my 328i cherry red BMW).
🫂 Impacted, taught, and coached thousands of entrepreneurs on how to brand, market, sell, and scale their businesses online.

🚀 Had countless successful launches.

😬 Had a ton of failures, lessons, and losses.

🏆 Had a ton of successes, taught lessons to a lot of people, and gained so much.

But after a while... I started to get that “meant for more” feeling again... and this time, from a space of experiencing an even higher level of freedom, one where I didn't have to "launch," every month, lol.

As a service-based entrepreneur, launching is the 'typical' system that most online business coaches will teach you to generate a lot of awareness, attention and traffic around a specific offer, service, or product in order to create high prosperity months.

While the system & processes of launching is formulated differently and have a variety of modalities, the act of depending on launches themselves aren't sustainable: energetically, financially, or time-wise.

Now, don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my service-based business (helping people at a large capacity is is like... really my thing #Virgo)... but I also knew my business and launches alone weren't going to fulfill my biggest dreams & goals as an entrepreneur:

Real, sustainable wealth 
(of creativity, time, prosperity, and energy)… not just a business that generated money from a course every month.

I started deeply desiring that wasn’t fleeting launch cashflow produced by constant new output month after month.

See, up to this point, I *had not* been following the typical teachings & modalities of “how to scale a business” in the eyes of some “business coaches” in the online space is pure bullsh*t for real entrepreneurs; the black sheep of the online business industry; the REAL ones.

It can be, no… it IS exhausting trying to keep up with & do things that don’t bring out the authentic, innovative, and passionate Business Woman in You. In Your Spirit.

The version of you who is actually going to create wealth.

OBVIOUSLY you want to create real wealth & impact on your multi-hyphenated entrepreneurship journey, and MOMENT OF TRUTH:

It is not going to come from adopting the “raise your prices over & over” model or “over charge and under deliver with the bare minimum" model either.

It’s not going to work by depending on “big launches,” priming peoples consciousness to see the value in paying you 20 grands for 2 minutes, or showcasing how you spend your bands & live your life everyday…

There’s a deeper depth that’s opening up to those of us who are meant to have thriving businesses (yes, multiple income streams that don't require you to constantly hustle) in The Age of Aquarius, thriving communities + networks, and thriving + sustainable material, energetic, and entrepreneurial journeys
(this is what we create inside of 

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If taking your business & wealth creation journey seriously is on your list of intentions…

Then I’d love for you to take those Pinterest visions off the board and learn how to make them real, for real.

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Falyn Satterfield, best known as 'The Queen of Conscious Marketing' x Digital Business Design and the Creator of 'Spiritual Bad Bitch,' is a multi-hyphenate creative, self-made digital entrepreneur, teacher, and investor.

Since 2018, she has worked with thousands of Spiritual, Creative, and Service Based Internet Entrepreneurs in the realms of digital content creation, branding, social media marketing, organic sales strategy, business design, energetics, mindset, personal identity, entrepreneurial skillsets, feminine embodiment, spiritual wealth, and creating a lifestyle that reflects their soul's aesthetic & heart's desires.

Outside of her love & brains for online business, she's a wife, a resin artist, dog mommy to Tiger Lily, a lover of the sea, a low-key introvert, and an avid reader.

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